VMworld 2012: Preparing for Barcelona

It’s time to fire up my yet so tiny blog and fill it with new posts during the days of coming week.

The reason for this is me being able to attend VMworld 2012 in Barcelona and want to share what’s going on inside for curious people who were not able to attend and colleagues that would like to know what’s going on in Spain =)

I have attended smaller events like VMUG and are in my opinion an effective and nice way to keep IT people informed about new technologies, best practices and different methods of designing and implementing infrastructures. I think VMworld will provide me with usable information which I can (hopefully) use in live environments!

Tomorrow I will start packing stuff for the trip and the coming week. Including enough energy and a perfect mood!

So; starting from now a regular update with news about VMworld 2012 and technical posts that may prevent you from pulling your hair =D

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