VMworld 2013: How to Build Public and Private Cloud Services with VMware Technologies #PHC6064

Ok, I’m going to be honest because I feel I have to.

I expected a lot about this session and learn some new things or get some new ideas to implement in my deployed vCloud Director environment. Actually I didn’t learn anything because the speakers from OVH.com were not to be understood, at all. Only seeing their slides didn’t make up for this bad presentation. This is my opinion, maybe other people liked the session, but seen the fact that about 30-40 people walked away, I don’t think that’s the case.

The presentation was mostly about their cloud solution and that they have used vCloud Director to serve their customers. They automated a lot and deliver vSphere as a Service.

Because I didn’t want to be all negative, I stayed untill the session was over and went to them to ask something about my vCloud Director environment. They did tell me how they configured their environment to help me and that is something positive. I will fill in the survey for this session and hopefully these guys will be back next year with a better English tongue =)

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