Migrating from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013

Now that Microsoft released Exchange 2013 SP1, it’s finally supported to run on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. As one of the customer’s environment was on it’s way to be native 2012 R2, Exchange was the only part that had not been migrated yet. Are you facing a migration soon? Read on!

This post functions purely as a referer to a fellow blogger that wrote up an amazing how-to for migrating an existing Exchange 2010 environment to Exchange 2013 from start to end.

As my primary focus of expertise has been and continues to be virtualization, converged infrastructure and storage, I’m not really into the applications anymore. Even tho I have been administrating products like Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Lync, it’s been a while that I’ve actually touched the products except as a client.

Like I mentioned, the customer environment was native 2012 R2, except for the Exchange servers. This due to the fact that Exchange 2013 SP1 was a prerequisite for running it on 2012 R2. Some days ago Microsoft released SP1 and the 2012 R2 VM I already provisioned could be prepared for some nice Exchange roles =)

The migration went flawlessly and I couldn’t have done that in such a short time without trial-and-error if I didn’t have the guide by Pete Long. Thanks for the great guide Pete and I’m happy sharing your information with the rest of the world!

You can find the guide here.

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