My new challenge at VMware

I got some exciting news to share with you all regarding my career path! It’s something I’m really proud of and am looking forward to the end of May. Why you think? Well..

On the 25th of May, I will be starting at VMware PSO as a Senior Consultant in Northern EMEA! I’m expecting to gain a massive load of experience at VMware and get to know awesome people in a large part of our planet.

Traveling for work seems awesome to me as I’m only just 26 years old, so maybe I’ll come back to that in a couple of years but we’ll see!

Before starting off at VMware I will be finishing up my current tasks at Conclusion Future Infrastructure Technologies (CFIT) and transferring project tasks.

CFIT has been an amazing employer to me for the past 3,5 years and I was able to grow from a junior systems engineer to a technical consultant role using primarily VMware products. I would like to thank CFIT for their great job in guiding me to the “techy” I am right now. Anyone who’s looking for a good, young and innovative employer should go have a chat with CFIT.

Finally, I would like to thank my colleagues for the wonderful times!

Next week will be my last week at CFIT and after that I will be enjoying a long holiday and visiting various countries being a typical tourist. So I’ll be all fresh for my new challenge!

Stay tuned.. =)

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