Haven’t you started using LDAPS for VMware vCenter Server? Hurry up!

How to better integrate IT security and IT strategy | CIO

January 2020, VMware informed their customers that LDAP and Integrated Windows Authentication Identity Stores, will cease functioning as Microsoft is disabling LDAP on Active Directory. Have you not yet configured this in your environment? Read on!

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From Vendor to Airbender

I’ve got some big news to share around my role at VMware!

Last May I’ve hit the two-year milestone at VMware as a Senior Consultant.
This has surely been a wild and awesome ride.

That’s why I wanted to share some insights from myself about this time and what the big news is about.

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Top vBlog 2015 Results

This short article is dedicated to the published results of the Top vBlog 2015 by vSphere-Land.

First of all, if you want to know more about the vBlog yearly voting, you can find more information in my previous posts:

And of course the website of vSphere-Land itself.


The winners of this year’s vBlog voting are:

  1. Duncan Epping (Yellow Bricks)
  2. William Lam (Virtually Ghetto)
  3. Cormac Hogan

Famous names and popular blogs, congrats guys!

This year it was also possible to vote for blogs in specific categories. The full results and results for those specific categories can be found here.

What about SnowVM?

So how did my blog do..?

I actually gained 123 spots which is something I wasn’t expecting!
I moved up the ladder from spot 208 to 85! Yay, I’m inside the top 100 out of 400, awesome and thanks for voting!

Next to this great result, I am also in the “Favorite Independent Blogger” category!

A massive thanks to all bloggers out there and keep on blogging! It’s great seeing the virtualization digital library grow so fast and cover so many topics.

And a special thanks to Eric Siebert, for organizing this great voting each year. I had a laugh during the Google Hangout session with Eric, Simon Seagrave, John Troyer  and Scott Davis!