Deploying HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter

This post is dedicated to the deployment of HP Insight Control for vCenter, an addon for VMware vSphere and storage administrators that need more insight in their systems or more control using a single tool.

As you might have seen in my post Deploying VMware vSphere on HP BladeSystem best practices HP Insight Control for vCenter is of great value when you are administrating a vSphere environment running on HP blades and maybe even using HP storage series like StoreVirtual or 3PAR. All information of these systems and access to Out-of-Band utilities will be available in one place after installing the software: the vSphere (Web) Client.

This post is written using HP Insight Control for vCenter 7.2.3.
Features in this release and older releases using information from the website:

Seamless integration of features in VMware vCenter Server

  • Combine physical and virtual views: From a single pane of glass, monitor the status and configuration of HP server, networking and storage that supports your virtualized infrastructure, all of this in context of the cluster, host or virtual machine selected in VMware vCenter.
  • Visually trace and monitor your infrastructure network end-to-end, from the host, all the way to the individual network modules connected within your domain, delivering comprehensive management of the network making it easy for you to review and change any HP-specific information.
  • View and Monitor HP Storage: Monitor the configuration of your HP Arrays portfolio by diving into detailed tables that provides the relationship between volumes to LUN connections to your virtual machines or ESX server hosts.

Reduce planned and unplanned downtime

  • Automate actions on Alerts: Receive pre-failure and failure alerts on HP server components and automate evacuation of VM’s based on events that affects your physical systems. Templates are provided and ready to be configured.
  • Take control by invoking HP remote management tools, such as iLO, Onboard Administrator, Virtual Connect Manager and Systems Insight Manager, in-context of the host you have selected, directly from the vCenter console.
  • Accelerate configuration of VMware host networking and Virtual Connect by viewing required host networking changes and synchronizing configuration with a single click.
  • Proactively manage power: Get the most out of your existing power envelope by comprehending and proactively managing power for hosts and pools of virtual machines across hosts.

Increase capacity on demand

  • Deploy ESX/ESXi hosts on bare-metal ProLiant servers directly from VMware vCenter with a simple right click on a cluster or datacenter, deploy VMware hypervisor on a bare-metal server. Once deployment is completed, your newly created hypervisor is added to the appropriate cluster.
  • Provision HP storage: Add new datastore, delete or expand an existing datastore, create new VMs, or clone existing VMs.

Maintain stability and reliability

  • Maintain stability by monitoring and deploying firmware on HP ProLiant ESXi hosts that have the HP software bundle installed.
  • Role-base security: Assign permission to Insight Control for VCenter Single-sign on using the three role levels part of VMware vCenter server to segment the level of access and control.

Now, onto the actual installation. As preperation make sure you:

  • Install the software on your test environment first to see if it would help you in your daily tasks
  • Download the latest version of HP Insight Control for vCenter Server (
  • Create a service account that has the Administrator role on your vCenter Server
  • Have passwords of your HP Blade Enclosure, Virtual Connect, VMware root account and vCenter Server local admin account

Start the installation of the software you just downloaded (at moment of writing this should be Insight_Control_for_VMware_vCenter_7.2.3_Software_-_Sept_2013_Z7550-01163.exe). Follow the screens shown in the gallery below. Check out the captions for information during a particular step in the wizard.

After finishing the installation, the software can be used without additional configuration. But to get the most out of the software, follow the next steps.

After you are done, you have created a single pane of glass for administrating VMware vSphere, physical blades, VirtualConnect, Onboard Administrators and your HP Storage!

2 thoughts on “Deploying HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter

    • After installing the software package, you will have an extra tab in your vSphere Client and Web Client that gives you extra information about your environment.
      Be sure to fill in the correct credentials of your hardware using the start menu items described in my post, and using the Insight Control tab in the vSphere (Web) Client. Let me know if it worked out for you!


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